Free Baby Photo Contest Entry


Do you have the cutest kid ever? Really, not just that “I’m a mom, so of course I think my kid is cute” but truly a beautiful baby? You can tell by how people respond to your child. Everyone will say a new baby is cute, but if people continue to proclaim your child’s gorgeous good looks every time they see him or her, the odds are good that you have an official cute baby. If that’s the case, you may want to think about entering your baby in a free baby photo contest. Entry is usually simple – and the outcome could open more doors than you think!

With a single free baby photo contest entry, you could win some terrific prizes. Baby photo contests can carry a wide array of prizes, from baby toys, clothing or furniture to cash prizes to exclusive introductions to or even contracts with modeling agents or representatives.

Many parents wonder if their child could actually win a photo contest, but they never enter them because they think the process is difficult or the prizes aren’t real. As long as you take the appropriate precautions, baby photo contests can lead to some real opportunities and prizes, so follow a couple of common sense tips and start snapping those photos!

  • Watch out for large entry fees- A legitimate photo contest will have no entry fee- or at least only a small one. If you are required to spend more than a nominal amount of money to enter, move on to another contest.
  • Read the fine print. Many times unscrupulous restrictions, regulations or fees are hidden in the fine print and you may miss them completely until it’s too late.
  • Legitimate free baby photo contests will usually be affiliated with a reputable, well-known magazine or agency.
  • Photos in a reputable contest will have strict guidelines prohibiting nudity or any dangerous or derogatory positions.
  • Legitimate contests will require parental or legal guardian consent before photos of babies can be accepted.
  • Keep your baby photo simple- but special. Keep the background clear of other subjects or distractions. Focus on the baby. And yes- FOCUS the photo ON the baby. Avoid using a flash, especially in close-ups. It is the number one cause of red eyes in photos.
  • Pay attention to who owns the rights to the photos you submit. Unless the photos are being published, you should be able to retain the rights to them.

If you have a beautiful baby, go ahead and check out some free baby photo contests, as well as some that have nominal entry fees. As long as they are backed by a legitimate company, they can be a great opportunity that can open some doors for that gorgeous baby of yours.