5 Reasons to Join theCuteKid – How Can it Benefit You and Your Child


If you have a kid you think is just the cutest child out there, then you should join theCuteKid.com. TheCuteKid.com is not only a place for parents to enter their kid into photo contests, but it is also a way to get your child discovered.  The site is regularly used by talent agents and talent scouts, who are out there looking for talented children models or child actors.   You can find professional advice from people who work in the modeling industry and you can talk with other parents who are trying to get their kid into the business as well.  Here is a more in depth look at why you should consider joining.

The biggest reason to join is theCuteKid’s regular photo contests.  Every month, $5,000 is given away in prizes.  That includes $1,000 for the overall monthly winner and $500 for each winner in various other categories (Baby, Toddler, Pre-School, Big Kid, Pre-Teen, and Multiples).  Those prizes are given out as US Savings Bonds.  Plus the winners are all automatically entered into the annual “CuteKid of the Year” contest.  The winner of this contest will win $25,000 in a College Tuition Fund.  Times are tough these days, so it certainly can’t hurt to simply enter a photo contest with the chance of possibly receiving $25,000 to go towards their college education down the road.

Other reasons to join theCuteKid.com include the chance to have your child discovered by someone who works in the children’s modeling industry.  A lot of parents may be convinced that their child has what it takes to be a professional children’s model, but they have no idea how to get started.  This is the perfect opportunity for doing just that.  When you enter one of the contests, your child’s photos will be professionally judged by talent scouts, so this gives you a chance to have your child be seen directly by the people who are looking for fresh new faces.

Another reason to join theCuteKid.com is because the site has lots of information and even advice that is given out freely by professional talent scouts and agents who work in the industry.  If you are new to this world of trying to get your child into modeling, you are not alone.  Joining the site will also allow you to talk with other parents who are going through the same thing you are.  You might also find someone whose child has found success in modeling and get some advice from them as well.

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