CuteKid of the Year Prizes – Win Big Money Prizes with Just a Photo is an online community devoted to helping connect parents with talent scouts and agents to help get their kid discovered as a child model or actor.  You can join free of charge and upload photos of your kid. These photos will regularly be seen by professional talent scouts who actually work in the industry.  They are always on the lookout for fresh new faces that can make it in the world of child modeling.  The biggest reason why people join, though, is to take part in one of the many photo contests that the site conducts on a monthly and annual basis.  These contests are judged by professional talent scouts, so entering a contest is a surefire way to make sure your child is seen.

The 2010 CuteKid of the Year will be this year’s annual photo contest.  Anyone can enter, with a small payment of $19.95 per photo entered.  In addition to having your child’s photo looked and judged by professional talent scouts, you also have the chance to win some great prize money.  The winner of the 2013 CuteKid of the Year contest will receive $25,000 in a College Tuition Fund.  This would be a great prize for anyone to win even if the economy were in good shape.  It would be even greater given the economic climate people are currently living in.

You may not be able to spend the grand prize money right now, but it would allow you dip into any money you might already have saved up for your kid to go to college someday.  $25,000 is a lot and would cover a decent amount of the total tuition, if not all of it, at many decent colleges.  The winner will also receive a press conference announcing them as the CuteKid of the Year.  They also get their very own website.  A national press release will also be made available to help increase your child’s level of exposure.  And they also will receive a canvas portrait of their winning photo.

You can also enter monthly photo contests in which $5,000 is given away.  The overall monthly winner will receive a $1,000 US Savings Bond.  The winners of other various categories (Baby, Toddler, Pre-School, Big Kid, Pre-Teen, and Multiples) will each receive a $500 US Savings Bond.  Plus all winners of the monthly contests are automatically entered into the annual 2013 CuteKid of the Year contest.

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